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After hauling all 11 of us out to Holden Beach, we soon realized that we did not have or bring sheets. We called our rental agency and every other business in Holden Beach with no success. On a whim I called Care Linen Services despite that they were located in Ocean Isle. Renee (I believe that was her name) was immensely helpful. She had mentioned that the delivery to our area had already been made, and I was totally okay with waiting to receive sheets the next day. She informs me that she’s got enough inventory and will have a driver out to us soon. We had our sheets by 6:30pm! Care Linen Service is affordable, professional, and efficient. Thank y’all for helping us out in a bind!



How does the service work? - By either ordering online (via the order online link above) or by phone you will select what items you will need, check in/out dates, and address you will be staying at. We will then deliver the items to the address provided on the date provided. Once you are finished using them, you will place all of the items back in the linen bag that was provided and set it back outside for us to pickup. Easy!

What is your refund policy? We offer full refunds up to 2 weeks out from your order if you need to cancel. We are not liable to provide refunds for hurricanes, pandemics, or other factors that could be considered an act of god. In the event of an emergency or something else that could impact your need of our service, please call us at 910-619-7190 to discuss.

Do you do same day orders? We will do same day orders so long as we have the inventory. There will be a same day fee applied and you need to call us at 910-619-7190 in order to place a same day order so we can take action on it immediately.

When will my linens be delivered? We typically operate within the standard check out and check in period of 10 AM and 4 PM. We will almost always have every delivery completed by the standard 4 PM check in time. During peak vacation season, you may experience a slight delay in your delivery depending on location within the island, inclement weather, or other factors out of our control. I assure you we will do everything we can to have it to you by check in time!

We reserve the right to charge you to replace missing or damaged items. If washing during the week, please us non-chlorine bleach and do not wash with colors that will bleed. CARE Linen Service LLC assumes no responsibility and/or liability for any injury and/or accidents due to the use or misuses of any rental item.

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